Участниците в изложението са представители на 44 неправителствени организации, училища и университети от 7 държави:





Regional Association of Youth Initiatives “AIRA”-Georgia, Rustavi

is non-profitable, non-governmental organization with main goal to protect human rights and freedoms and promote civic integration; to protect and develop democratic values; to support young leaders and youth initiatives; to increase awareness among youth about civic rights and responsibilities and help their active engagement in public life; to develop international cooperation and involve youth in international and regional projects.





McLain Association for Children (MAC), Georgia, Tbilisi

is small NGO which consists mainly from psychologists and occupational therapists. The main activities of the organization are projects mainly in educational direction. MAC is has also Hotline on disabilities, provides practice course to State University psychology and occupation therapists undergraduate students and is norming Test of Intelligence for Georgia.



Institute of Research and Studies on Education and Family-Italy, Rome

is founded 1982 and is a private non-profit organization, focused on a scientific and a service of cultural promotion for the family, schools, institutions and society. The organization uses a Scientific Committee composed of University Professors and Experts.



Training Managers and Specialists Association, Ankara, Turkey

is a non-governmental organization founded by acknowledged specialists and gives particular importance to public welfare. The organization focus on educational projects. The members of TMSA are mainly teachers and directors from different universities in Turkey.



LEPL Children and Youth National Center-Georgia, Tbilisi

founded 2007, is non-profit organization with main focus to develop the skills and abilities of young people via different methods, to promote several issues related to the youth in the society, to develop volunteering in the country and to develop arts and culture initiatives. 


Open Space Foundation-Bulgaria, Sofia 

Founded to support and encourage cultural dialogue and relationship through various ways of art and communication. Provoke the interactions between different cultures and different generations. 



Multifunctional youth initiative center of Rujiena- Latvia,Rujiena

is Public institution in Rujiena self-government. It takes care of Rujiena’s  youngs who are motivated and interested to be open for other cultures and open minded to learn, also young’s for social problems are involved in activities. The organization is also offering different training’s and projects for youth.



Friends of Europe-Faenza, Italy

promotes activities, seminars, courses of training about history, culture, music, art, dance, wellness, heath and job related trainings. The organization has open space where everyone can learn English language, to play piano, guitar or some other instruments, to learn to sing, coro, to learn math, Italian language or some other things.


“Children of Georgia”-Georgia, Tbilisi

is the professional organization of psychologists, striving for psychological well-being, social adaptation and development of children and adolescents by providing them, their parents and associated professionals with the assessment and advice, skill development, training and expertise, with the overall goal of achieving systemic change in the country. 



The Latvian non-governmental organization (NGO) “Oleri manor”-Latvia, Rujiena

is one of the most active organizations in Rujiena municipality. It was established in 2005 with main mission – to promote culture, education and social life in the rural districts of Vidzeme. NGO focus is held to organize educational lectures of classical music and concerts, educational lectures in art history, evenings with contemporary artists, workshops for craftsmen, workshops for traditional and ecological use of building materials etc.



Georgian schools’, Tbilisi Georgia 

mission is to train socially active citizens, to form an independent, logically minded, spiritually strong, cultural people, who owns a high level of intelligence. Special attention is paid to the study of foreign languages. In 2002 the Georgian school was awarded by the German Ministry of culture with the German language diploma ‘school status. 



DG Consulting Limited-Georgia, Tbilisi

is professional consulting company focusing in provision consultancy services of international standard in development, construction, water and Environment sector in Georgia and Worldwide. Company employs experienced personnel having 15-25 years of experience in relevant sectors: including engineering, detailed design, construction supervision, water infrastructure, special water treatment, waste water treatment, water quality, environmental science, GIS technology etc.


Association “Support of Valkas families” – Latvia, Valka

works in two directions: family with children and the other is working with young people from rural areas. The organization has leisure time activities center and works on daily bases with volunteers.

Fundacion in movement art for social change-Uganda.

Developing magination and find artistic signature. 


NGO “Solis Tuvak”- Latvia, Kekava

received status of public benefit in 2010. The organization focus is educational and culture projects. The main aim of “Solis Tuvak” is developing of social society in Kekava municipality and supporting charity. The organization has implemented dozens of projects in different areas, both locally and internationally.


Multifunctional youth initiative center – Latvia, Rujiena

works with youth in age group from 13 -27 years. The NGO organize different sport activities for youngs and their free time. Every summer their organize camps for kids and youth, festivals, professional weeks, etc.

Azerbaijan State Agricultural University’s Student Youth Organization-Azerbaijan, Ganja

focus on development of higher education and also to represent and protect the interests of the students, the socio-political, cultural, social and economic life to ensure their active participation. The center works in different directions to encourage students into filed of research, scientific conferences, contests, competitions, scientific and entertaining games, seminars, round tables, training courses, etc. 


Rujienas self-government -Latvia,Rujiena

 is a local authority for Rujienas municipality. The self-government provides services for local inhabitants according to the law: pre-school, secondary education, adult education, heating, sewage, health care, culture etc. The self-government runs schools, kindergartens, libraries, tourism information center, Multifunctional youth center etc.

Generally the work of the Diaconal Centre in Liepāja-Latvia, Liepāja

can be described as community service. Their main aim is to help and support people who are in need. Therefore their work with very different target groups such as poor and homeless citizens, elderly people, people who have problems with addictions, people with disabilities and many young people.

Ziyapasa secondary school.-Turkey, Amasya

Our school study with 729 students with 51 teachers. Instead of the academic education we have social.


NGO Stelpite, Latvia, Vecumnieki

is a non-governmental organization composed of volunteers, bothntional and international, and young people from the city of Vecumnieki. The NGO is very active on the field of Youth in Action Program: we are organize and participate on many youth exchanges, seminars and trainings. In addition to their international activities we also work on a local level with children, youth and the wider community.

Baku Moder School-Azerbaijan, Baku

is founded 2002. They have teaching system in 3 different languages at school: Azerbaijan – Rus and English. Right now we there are working with more than 400 students.

RED-Creative Effect Workshop-Latvia, Riga

focus on work with youth. The organization provides variety of activities designed to develop skills in young people like creativity, social skills, knowledge, etc. Members of RED are proud with the individual approach in everything they do.


is non-governmental, independent organization working on projects for youth support and adult learning, professional and personal development of people with fewer opportunities. Euroaccion is an active member of UNIQUE Network (http://www.unique-network.org/) and HREYN (www.hreyn.org).

“Yurd” Youth Intellectual Development Support Public Union-Azerbaijan, Quba

The main aim of the “Yurd” istTo assist active participation of Azerbaijan’s youth, establishment of healthy civil society, and youth representation of the country on international level.


Piri reis vocational and tecnical anatolia high school-Turkey, Sumsun 

Gives education in many areas such science. TV and radio programming, graphic-animation, newspaper reporting and editing, logistics, accounting, foreign trade and finance.


UNİBANK CB OJSC-Azerbaijan, Ganja

is financial institution with main focus: Cash and Settlement Services, Currency Exchange Operations, Trade finance, Documentary operations, Loans, Deposits, etc.

Bakcell LTD-Azerbaijan, Baku

was established in March 1994 as a Joint Venture between GTIB and the Ministry of Communication of the Azerbaijan Republic. Bakcell was the first company that began to provide cellular communication services in Azerbaijan.

Sleepwalking society-Bulgaria.

Develop an popularize the art an culture among the young people in Bulgaria. 


Baku Eurasian University Students Youth Organization-Azerbaijan,

is an student and youth organization, based in Baku. The main goal of the organization is to develop the potential of youth through Eurasian projects, volunteer experiences and professional internships.

Hacettepe University (HU), based in Ankara,Turkey

is one of the oldest and leading universities in Turkey. HU began to operate as a hospital in Ankara in 1957. Nowadays HU operate with 14 Faculties, 14 Institutes, 2 Applied Schools, 5 Vocational Schools, 1 Conservatory, 54 Research and Practice Centers. HU has more than 38.000 students and 3.500 faculty members.

AIESEC Southampton-UK,

is part from a global platform for young people with main aim to help them to explore and develop their leadership potential. It is a non-political, independent, not-for-profit organization run by students and recent graduates of institutions of higher education. Its members are interested in world issues, leadership and management. AIESEC does not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion or national / social origin.

Abierto Asturias-Spain, Asturias 

Alternatives for children an youth involved in the project “Antenas informatiras” and “conecta.” 



Avante-Spain, Aviles

Citizen youth Association to promote neologism, feminism social action or public participation.


Comision juvenil de festejos de Llaranes-Spain, Llaranes.

Local organization to organize the neighborhood and offer activities to the youth. 

Asamblea Abierta D’educacion-Spain, Uvieu 

Student assembly to promote the participation of the student on their rights or in many other areas such as leisure, feminism, society or education. 

Asociacion cultural en construccion- Spain, Aviles 

Promote youth active participation in Asturias. Inform young people about European programmes and develop our own projects to connect international  youth work with our local reality. 


Aviles accion non-stop film festival-Spain, Aviles 

Based in the Niemeyer center. This “non-stop” festival works all year to create a network and offer education and cultural activities.


Amasya sabunoglu serefeddin vocational and technical Anatolian high school-Turkey, Amasya 

Promote, develop mutual respect and contacts between youngsters. Help youth young people without parents. 

Artschool-Smolyan, Bulgaria

Study, preservation and promotion of tradition in the field of arts and crafts in the Rhodopes. 



Amasya Turk telekom vocational an tecnical high school.

we want children and young people to: have the best current and future cultural lives they can and develop their cultural capabilities.



Health activities for families, family leisure evenings, trips, outings, hiking, meetings with well-known people, come together and camps, workshops, sport activities, volunteering, experience, exchange programs with other large family organizations in Latvia and abroad. Etc.  

Chamwino arts center-Tanzania

Involve young people in the practice of traditional for the community Ngoma dances and songs. 


Sofia library -Bulgaria, Sofia

Connecting our community with the power of knowledge, the world of culture and ideas and the joy of reading. 



3key rooms-Bulgaria, Sofia

The real room escape games in the heart of Sofia. Dare to be locked for 60 min. Find your way out by resolving puzzles and looking for hidden objects. An extraordinary challenge for team of 2-5 people. 


Esi labs!-Latvia

Support and promote active citizenship in society. Entrance unselfishness, empathy and willingness to help, promote volunteering in Latvia and abroad. 



Archeological museum-Veliki Preslav, Bulgaria

“Golden age”/ Preslavska civilization or/and illustrate the place of Simeon’s capitals as a leading center of Slavicliterature, art and crafts in the south during the IX-X century.


Проекта се финансира по програма “Еразъм +”, Ключова дейност 1: Образователна мобилност на граждани. С подкрепата и гостоприемството на Новотел София.