This is a space where we will share with you Our Local Actions in a period from 15 Febryary till 15 May 2018:

  • in Uganda: 9 projects in the field of: culture, enviorenment, explore the roots, video productions, new medias, establishing new partnerships, club for helping each other;
  • in Tanzania: 9 projects in the field of: professional support and consulting, culture, healthy care and prevention of early pregnancy, developing enterpeneurship skills
  • in Bulgaria: 1 project in the field of tolerance and decoration
  • in Italy: 1 project – photo exhibition
Kanyike Edgar  (Uganda)


Knowledge is power …

Natabi Salama (Uganda)


Project about communal cleanliness

Ocheing Gerald Juma (Uganda)


Letting the young ones know that they have it all.

Apio Sharon (Uganda) 


Project about letracy.

Devis Ssenoga (Uganda)


Project about social cleanliness

Ajatum Mercy (Uganda) 


Finding out the origin

Catherine Kimambo (Tanzania)


Talk about #BLACKCONTRIBUTION through out history

Gudrun Mwanyika (Tanzania) 


Social education trought theter

Mathew Urassa (Tanzania) 


Parental guidance for teenagers

Albert Augustine (Tanzania) 


Awareness on under-age sexuality and early pregnancy

Hadee Dotto Botea (Tanzania) 


Career development to the youth

Eleonora De Dominicis (Italy)


Helping HOPE!

The project happen with financial support of European program “Erasmus+”, Key Action 2: Capacity Building in the field of youth